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4 min readMay 16, 2019

A Little Goes A Long Way:

At Everydae, we’re harnessing the awesome power of elbs to help high school students realize their potential…one day at a time.

Wait, what’s an elb?

“Elbs are Exponential Little Bits, tiny but relentless changes that compound to make a miracle. The power of an elb lies not in its size, but in its daily occurrence.”

- Roy Williams, The Wizard Academy

We all (should) know that cramming is a terrible way to study. Especially when few of us have the bandwidth to do it, let alone the attention span 😉.

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A Little Evidence:

Academic research (like this) confirms that small daily practice is more effective than cramming right before a test.

Elbs also apply to creativity. Look at the routines of the world’s most renowned artists, and you’ll see they all commit to their craft at least a little bit everyday 👩‍🎨.

There’s another term for exponential little bits that you may be more familiar with — compound interest.

“The strongest force in the universe is compound interest.”

- Albert Einstein, genius

People typically talk about compound interest in the context of financial investing 📈. But the concept is equally instrumental to our personal growth, like learning a new skill 🧠.

A Little Inspiration:

We surveyed high school students and most said they spend 4–6 hours a day doing homework, and not a single one gets the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night.

That kind of schedule is unhealthy and often leads to burnout or even depression. When grades or test scores slip, common knowledge says hire a private tutor. The problem is, humans are flawed. Even if you have a tutor, many kids don’t do their homework between sessions, leading to sub-par improvement curves and more anxiety!

This is why we created Everydae: a digital tutor that helps students ace high school without the stress. Our proprietary Readiness Score can predict a student’s preparedness based on their goals and study habits. And the algorithms behind it enable us to serve students skills that will maximize improvement in the minimum amount of time.

We use spaced repetition, productive struggle and metacognition to maximize retention of information. And we do it all through 10-minute game-like challenges that students can conveniently complete anytime, anywhere.

Everydae doesn’t just help students boost their grades and test scores. We also build their motivation, confidence and life skills.

Watch this 1-minute video to learn more 👇

Check out this post for more insight into how you should use Everydae.

A Little More About Us:

We’ve been in the education space for 17+ years. Our team has more than 20,000 hours of teaching, tutoring and curriculum development experience, and we’ve written content for (and operated) some of the most respected test prep companies in the world. We even sold one of them in 2018 (see).

RIP Harris

Access to higher education has always been “pay to play,” but we believe a lack of money should not mean a lack of opportunity 🙌.

So we’re giving every high schooler access to a digital SAT tutor that’s much more affordable than a human.

More importantly, we’re helping students harness the power of exponential little bits.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a month.”

- Matthew Kelly, The Long View

Call it an elb; call it compounding interest. Whatever you call it, maximizing your potential starts with a small step, everydae.

Everydae empowers students to realize their full academic potential. We’re doing it by building a digital SAT tutor that takes only 10 minutes a day. Want to try it out?




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