How to maximize your SAT score with Everydae, Part 2

Do you want to be really good at something?

Then try to improve just 1% everyday.

If you can do that, in the span of one year, you will have improved 3778%! πŸ“ˆ

That’s the power of daily habit.

And the best way to build a good habit? Attach it to an existing routine such as eating a meal, getting home from school, or taking a shower. It’s called habit stacking πŸ₯ž.

Here’s the formula for habit stacking:

After/before [CURRENT HABIT], I will [NEW HABIT].

For example, let’s say you’re stressed out and want to relieve your anxiety. A habit stacking statement would be:

After I eat breakfast (current habit), I will meditate for one minute (new habit).

Now, since our mutual mission is to help you ace the SAT and get into college, let’s fill in the blank to create a habit stack for using Everydae (remember, all you need is 10 minutes).

After/before __________, I will complete one Everydae SAT challenge.

Cramming for an exam at the last minute is stressful, and mostly ineffective.

You have the power to choose a better way, and it only takes a little effort, everyday.

Curious to learn more about habit stacking? Check out this article.

Or if you’ve got 10 minutes now, let’s knock out an SAT challenge!

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