Goals are for losers

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Ok, so saying that goals are for losers was obviously written in jest. But think about it — winners and losers set the same goals. 🤔

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So what separates an Olympian from the athlete who was last cut and didn’t make the team?

Answer: the systems they create

A system is a series of procedures or processes you put in place to achieve your goal.

For example, if you’re an entrepreneur, your goal might be to build a million-dollar business. Your system is how you test product ideas, hire employees, and run marketing campaigns.

FYI, that example is lifted straight from this article written by James Clear. You should definitely read it.

Another perspective: goals define WHAT you want to do (write a book), whereas systems help you define WHO you want to be (a writer).

The reason we bring this up is because shifting your mindset from being goal-focused to systems-oriented is crucial to your success and overall happiness. And we care about both. 🤗

If you ever stress out about grades, test scores, or whether you’ll get into a good college, remember those are outcomes (goals). Worrying about the outcome does not help you change it.

Instead, refocus on optimizing your study habits (systems) to improve your chances of reaching those goals.

You see, there’s a reason we created Everydae the way we did — to help you build a system of exponential daily improvement.

Getting a good SAT score will simply be the outcome of your consistent daily effort.

Feel like logging in?

Success starts with a small step, everyday.

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Just to be clear, we are not anti-goal setting. We love goals. We simply want to point out that setting a goal does not necessarily help you reach it.

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