Everydae Product Update |5.12.20

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The team at Everydae has been hard at work at home during quarantine. First thing’s first, we want to say thank you to all of the educators and medical workers on the front lines of this pandemic! And thank you to our awesome students and parents who have been studying for the SAT with us these last few months.

Without further ado, here are some of the updates we’ve made in the last week or two:

1. Video lessons have arrived!

Huge shout out to Marich for leading this project!

Before students start a new SAT challenge, they will now have the option to watch a short video lesson about that skill. Video lessons are also accessible after each question within the challenge, and on-demand via “Everydae TV” (accessible from the student menu).

2. Do-Over Drills demonstrate mastery

Every time a student misses an SAT question in Everydae, we add it to their Do-Over Drill for review. This is in addition to the existing review challenges that are already baked into their study journey.

Personalized Challenge Tracker

The key to success with Everydae (and life in general) is to get 1% better every day. One way we motivate students to do that is with the weekly challenge tracker. Additionally, we take the guesswork out of how long students should study each day by personalizing the recommended goal for each day based on their test date.

In this example, the student should complete four challenges per day until their SAT exam.

Lastly, we recently released The 30-Day Ikigai Challenge the ultimate student enrichment! It combines the Japanese concept of ikigai with positive psychology to motivate teenagers to find their purpose in life. And it’s FREE! Sign up here.

Coming soon!

  • A new student dashboard
  • The verbal section of the SAT
  • And more

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